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Download our Free trial version today and experience the ease of logging flights, simulator and ground training activity with FlightRecord™ Pilot Logbook software.

RWS Software, provider of FlightRecord™ Professional Pilot Logbook Software, offers the following powerful pilot logbook software packages:

  1. FlightRecord™ Pilot Logbook Gold Edition ($39.95 USD)
2. FlightRecord™ Pilot Logbook Platinum Edition (Coming Soon)
  3. FlightRecord™ Pilot Logbook PPC Edition  for Pocket PCs (Coming Soon)*

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FlightRecordTM electronic logbooks have been designed by real pilots, flight instructors and flight examiners to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet the demands of professional aviators. 

FlightRecord Electronic logbooks are more efficient than traditional paper logbooks and just as simple to use. 

Advanced features
allow pilots to query their flight experience by specific aircraft model, aircraft category, aircraft class, or by any other data field entered within the logbook.


FlightRecord Electronic Pilot Logbooks Feature:

  • Easy to use data entry screens
  • Standard and custom logbook columns
  • Automatic backup of logbook data
  • Separate pages for Flight, Simulator, and Ground Training
  • Automatic FAA Checkride flight experience totals
  • Pilot currency reminders
  • Aircraft database with 180+ specific models (free with download)
  • North America Airport database (free with download)
  • Waypoint distance calculator
  • Numerous flight experience reports and queries
  • Columns for Flight Instructors and Pilot Examiners
  • Printable forms for instructor signoffs and endorsements

    and much more...
Download our Free trial version

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